An installation inspired by magnetic tape


MGNT is an interactive audio-visual installation in the form of a large circular tape (10m diameter) which is an enlarged representation of the magnetic tapes Kid Baltan used in his experiments and album. The visitors to the nstallation represent the magnet’s that were used to synthesize new sounds.

The actual sounds recorded in the space are ‘encoded’ onto the tape in the form of a pattern of particles, aligned to travel over each-other and create natural moiré patterns. As the visitors come closer to the tape they influence the graphic pattern on the tape, and in turn warp the sounds recorded in the space. The amount of influence a visitor can have is exponentially linked to how close they come to the tape; exploding the effect exponentially as they step closer. Through their interaction with the installation, the visitors are recreating the historic foundation of electronic music.

MGNT is a large sensor, literally and figuratively. With microphones and a Kinect, it hears and see’s the visitors in the installation, and then reacts to their movements, sounds and behaviours. The visitors feel the power of magnetism first hand, and get to feel the same exciting exploration Dick Raaijmakers must have felt years ago. What does the recording and replaying of sound do with our perception of sound? What happens to this perception when it is no longer a kopie, but rather something much more influenced?



We are super proud to announce the MGNT won the STRP ACT II Award. This means MGNT we'll be relized for STRP Festival 2017. Get your tickets here. For the official press release click here.


Februari 18th there will be a small scale test setup of MGNT at PLAN B to test different vister interactions. We are super excited for MGNT's first interaction with the public. More info on PLAN B here

WHAT IF collective

This collective of designers & technologists from Eindhoven, all of which have had a strong connection to electronic music throughout their career. MGNT is their first joint project. It is made as an ode to the history of their city. The project was originally born during a Music-focused hackathon in the NatLAB.

Toon Rooijmans

MSc of Architecture, and initiator of MGNT.

Luuk Schipperheyn

BSc in Industrial Design, and Creative Coder at VPRO.

Rhys Duindam

MSc in Industrial Design (Cum Laude), and inventor of Tingle; a new musical instrument.

Lola Gielen

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, and inventor of Neo; a new musical instrument.


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